Do you have an online personality?

As the years goes on, Internet and social media takes up a huge amount of our time and a big part of our day to day life. We wake up every morning and the first thing we do is look at our phones, how many likes and followers we have, what famous couple just broke up, what is the new viral challenge .


Online everyone has the ability to finally be who they want to be. Some people even create a whole new persona, in other words they have an online personality. A big majority of people create fake profiles where they can make the perfect version of themselves and feel like they can be who they truly are. Or in other cases what they think their friends, family and other people should see.


Some even argue that they feel more comfortable online since they can express them selves freely and share their opinions whether its about political views, religion and other controversial subjects. Whether in real life someone will always judge them, and they will face some type of criticism.

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To add to that, a lot of people also use social media as a type of dating Website where they hope to eventually find their significant other. Some portray themselves as these incredibly confidante, sexy and dominant people while texting when in reality they are the defenition of an introvert and are extremely shy.


vs in person

Some even use internet to unleash and spread the hate that is buried within themselves it can be done through them using racial slurs and just being plain f**king idiots just to get a taste of the attention that they have clearly been missing in life. This gives them a sense of power but in reality, they are very  insecure and suffer from an inferiority complex .#Attentionhoe


personality in real life

A large amount of people have expresses that they preferer communicating with others online more than face to face since they believe that they have more interesting and deep conversation that would somewhat be uncomfortable in real life.In addition to that, texting does not have a time constraint .You can answer within minutes as you can in a few days which makes it more comfortable for many.



On average a person spends more than 30 hours a week on social media whether its Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or other ways of communication. We are being bombarded with good-looking models that don’t even look like this and mostly unachievable standards of beauty.


Social media gives us a sense of power and contol since everyone  is wearing some kind of mask to hide thier insecurities, make people like them,empress others or make people envy them .

View at

No one talks about their real problems, they all want to send the message that they are incredibly happy, so they create this type of persona. My question to you is do you think your real-life personality matches the person that you are portraying online?





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